Perseverance won'€™t make you successful, but without it you won'€™t get anywhere

A post on perseverance I originally wrote for the ezeep blog that got published on The Next Web.

Fundraising honesty

A post I wrote for Venture Village encapsulating a few tips on how to raise money from venture capitalists

Driving Us Apart - Is Facebook making us lonely

Another great post by Milo Yiannopoulos @nero.


“Across the generations,” she says, “I see that people can’t get enough of each other – if and only if they can have each other at a distance, in amounts they can control. I call it the Goldilocks effect. Not too close, not too far, just right.”

When you ask young people what they like about email, Facebook and Twitter, as Turkle has done for years, they tend to say two things: firstly, they like the asychronicity of online communication, and, secondly, they like being able to control what they’re going to say. In other words, we’re all hiding from each other, even though we’re apparently more connected than ever before.

To put it another way, the richness and complexity of human relationships is streamlined into manipulable communication by the internet: reduced to a series of prepared interactions within which we can present ourselves as something different from that which we are. Something prettier. Something smarter. Something we can control.

As Sherry Turkle points out in her TED talk, it’s only by really knowing others that we can have any hope of coming to know ourselves, and it’s the hard road to honest self-reflection that defines adolescence more than any other journey upon which young people, especially, embark.

“If we don’t teach our children how to be alone, they will only know how to be lonely.”

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Nice excerpt from the OFT ruling on the Instagram Facebook Deal

Instagram Inc. (Instagram) was founded in March 2010 and as at 6 June2012 consisted of 13 employees. Instagram’s product is a free mobilephone photo application. It functions by allowing users to take photos,apply digital filters to those photos, and then share those photos on theInstagram network or via other social networks, including Facebook.Instagram has generated no revenue since it was established.

The original OFT file is here:

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